The unknown glycoprotein from the glaciers

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The unknown glycoprotein from the glaciers by Visoanska

Who would have imagined that an arctic expedition would one day discover an unknown glycoprotein on the King George Island, with stupefying anti-wrinkle properties?

Generated by a micro-organism living at the bottom of glaciers, Pseudoalteromonas antarctica is unbeatable when it comes to the production of collagen and elastin. Its wound healing, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle action, and the protection it offers against the cold, have made its reputation as a providential active ingredients

•  Decreases wrinkles up to 50%, in 1 month.

• Increases Collagen I production to 128%,       Collagen IV to 81%, in 15 days.

Present in our Elixir Perfecteur, it improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles depth. In addition, this treatment evens out your pigmentation for flawless and durably unified skin. Elixir Perfecteur had proved its powerful regenerative effect in ex vivo tests, with significant results after only 3 days.

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