The benefits of a New Zealand giant fern

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New Zealand giant fern by Visoanska

The molecular association of two polysaccharides extracted from a giant New Zealand tree fern, belonging to the Cyatheaceae family, provides an immediate skin lift. The appearance of fine lines is reduced; results are visible nearly instantly.


These polysaccharides also generate long-lasting anti-slackening action. In daily application, they have a smoothing effect on your skin grain, while strengthening dermal tone and firmness.

For centuries, the Maori used the  young fronds pulp of this fern for its healing properties. This active ingredient follows the tradition and uses this beneficial extract to lift and tighten the skin.

Present in our best seller, Hypnotic Eye Potion, after only 15 min of application, this product reduces wrinkle depth and volume up to 47%,  offering you a velvet eye contour.

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