Visoanska stand-alone boutique: an interview with a greek pioneer, Mr. Thomas Chaidas.

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If there was a gem missing in the crown of the luxurious cosmetic scene of Athens, it’s now completed by the launch of VISOANSKA. The doors of the first exclusive VISOANSKA boutique were flung open to the most trendsetting shoppers last November.

Mr. Thomas Chaidas has just become one of the pioneers in Greece to open a stand-alone mono-brand store and unique point of sales of VISOANSKA skincare on the peninsula. A power concept store devoted to providing its customers with the ultimate service and personalized treatments for their skin.

Using noble natural materials and minimalistic design the store offers a comfortable environment to seek advice about the latest solution to a given skin problem.

Sharing this excitement with us, Mr. Thomas Chaidas, sat down with us to answer a few questions:


Few months after the opening, how is the Greek market reacting to the brand so far? Do Greek women appreciate eco-luxury, natural but sophisticated products ?

The Greek market is skeptical and curious to new products in the cosmetics industry but always welcome. Of course, due to the Greek financial crisis women are twice more careful on how to spend and buy. I would say that overall the reaction is positive and moving forward. Greek women enjoy to apply the newest and most sophisticated products and VISOANSKA is definitely among.


What services customers can expect in the boutique ?

In the boutique customers can enjoy the exclusivity of a stand alone store. VISOANSKA cosmetics are to be treated as luxurious and unique and this sense is exactly what we give to our customers. Customers can apply and be informed about our cosmetics, philosophy, brand and of course buy the products they like. We also provide VISOANSKA facial & body treatments in our exclusive cabin, where anyone can instantly escape from the daily routine and enjoy VISOANSKA world of beauty and relaxation….


What 2011 holds for your new venture ? 

VISOANSKA is currently a new brand in Greece and for 2011 we will work on gradually establishing the brand in the market. Our main targets are mainly developing the boutique as a stand alone shop together with the treatments and expanding the B2B ventures.


If, for you, youthfulness is more than just appearance, you refuse to compromise between natural products and leading-edge technology, our products are made for you. Come and discover them, so that, day after day, your skin learns to stay young!



141 Charilaou Trikoupi & Aiginis

14671 - N.Erithrea, Athènes

Phone: +0030 210 8076 107 


Visoanska Athens Store


Visoanska Athens Store Window


Visoanska Athens Store Window



Les commentaires :

  1. Dear Sir/Madame,

    Could you please give me the phone number of the Greek boutique?

    I am interested in your Company's products.

    Thank you,

    Nadia Demiri

    Demiri Nadia le 26/04/11

  2. Dear Nadia,

    Here is the contact information of our Greek boutique:

    141 Charilaou Trikoupi & Aiginis
    14671 - N.Erithrea, Athènes
    Phone: +0030 210 8076 107
    Mobile: +0030 693 6126 169

    Mr. Thomas Chaidas will be pleased to welcome you there and advice you on the products that best suit your skin.

    VISOANSKA le 28/04/11

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