The 7th Annual Best Boutique Hotel Awards

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 The 7th Annual Boutique Hotel Awards 

November 201

visoanska London world best boutique hotels awards ceremony

This year, Visoanska was honored to be a gold sponsor of the annual World Boutique Hotel Awards Gala Ceremony. The event devoted to determining the most exceptional boutique hotels in the world was beautiful, elegant and truly one of a kind. 

For many years, luxury travellers have preferred to stay at reputable chain hotels which have lived up to upper class mass expectations. The decision is understandable as certain standards would be guaranteed: the standard of food, number of square feet in a suite or swimming pool, even the interior design. All would be repeated exactly, no matter where the location. Whilst this had its advantages, it left little room for imagination or flair.


visoanska best boutique hotel awards London  visoanska boutique hotel awards

Director and Founder Edward Gabbai believes that the advent of the Internet has provided transparency in standards. This, together with the increasing discernment that luxury travellers have developed, has led many to seek hotels that offer integrity, individuality and character to their guests in addition to the standards of luxury they desire. Mr. Gabbia explains that above all, the World Boutique Hotel Awards looks for hotels that are undeniably, irrefutably unique.


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To determine the winners, interviews with a hotel's manager or owner are conducted. The questions are tailored to each hotel, since most (or the good ones at least) are very different. 

Moreover, no matter how detailed your research online is, there's no substitute for a ceremony such this one, where one personally experiences what a hotel has to offer and meeting the people behind it. Elements of design and concept, dining, facilities, location and service are included in the review they perform. 

Among the many incredible hotels nominated and chosen for different travel purpose categories, the award for the best boutique hotel in world went to Akademie Street, South Africa.


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