DETOX for the mind, soul but most importantly skin

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Detoxifying? Then our DETOX booster is your best friend.

VISOANSKA Detox Booster application

One of the main benefits of DETOX is making your aging clock run backward rather then forward. Consequently, getting toxins out of your body is one of the most important elements of any anti aging program. This obviously applies to your skin.

As much as I love this product, ignorance is not always bliss especially when it comes to the work and dedication you need to get perfect skin. Thus, evidently mixing a few drops of our wonderful DETOX booster into your daily cream isn't the only thing you need. If your like me, and have simple practically problem free skin, this booster will do about 70% percent of the job in my personal experience. If you aren't like me, the booster will nonetheless visibly increase the purifying process by accelerating the processes linked to detoxification in your body. What this means is...

1. Better immune system

When your body has been detoxified, thanks in part to detox skin processes, you promote an enhanced immune system.

2. Slow the aging process 

Toxins, free radicals and heavy metals are three of the body’s worst enemies in terms of premature ageing. Whenever you engage in skin detoxification, these harmful substances are removed from your body and exits through your skin.

 4. A better life 

The most important reason for skin detoxification is a better quality of life. Due to your DETOX skin sessions, your body will feel and look better than it did when you allowed toxins to build up in it.

Your smoother and softer skin is often just the bonus in skin detoxification. The most important thing is that you regain 

Visoanska Booster line

Every day, millions of toxins are produced in all layers of our skin. To prevent the harm this may cause, we've put millions of stems cells contained in our DETOX booster, which will reactivate the elimination and recycling of these toxins. As a result, cell regeneration is stimulated and the activity of proteasome is improved. It helps the skin to build its own anti-aging defense system thanks to a hormesis-like mechanism. It also promotes cell lifespan extension (stimulates sirtuin-1) and tissue regeneration (preserves skin stem cells). 

Cosmeceutical actions of this booster:

Increases the activity of proteasome (recycling and elimination of damaged proteins and toxines). Helps reduce the level of pro-ageing agents and local micro-inflammation. Decreases skin redness and enhances natural skin glow. The skin feels soothed and irradiates its beauty.


Anti-ageing bodyguard , cell Detoxification, cell Longevity, cell Regeneration, Healing and reduction of local micro-inflammations.


Globularia cordifolia callus Culture Extract (stem cells). 


Skin is detoxified, more luminous and radiant, less red.

No preservatives, No fragrance, Dropper container 15 ml / 0,5 FL.OZ

Visoanska Booster Line

Some key statistics we'd like you to know:

ANTI TOXIN: Luminance +9.2% /placebo
SKIN TRANSPARENCY (The deeper the light penetrates into the skin the more transparent the skin): Maximal light penetration +67% ANTI-REDNESS: Skin redness -13.4%

ANTI AGING: Pro-ageing agents neutralisation +23.6%
(Thanks to the neutralisation of pro-ageing agents, hyperexcitability of cutaneous nerves endings is reduced.)

All these boosters are exclusively available in our Parisian boutique, located on 16 Rue de Turenne, 75004. 10:30 - 18:30 (monday to friday) 11:00-19:00 (saturday to sunday).


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