Oui, our Booster can decrease and prevent unwanted stretch marks!

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You'll never have to worry about stretch marks again with our Resist Booster 

Visoanska made to mesure boosters

Before going in detail about one of our favorite products, I would like to give you a little insight about the purpose and function of our rapidly acting innovative Pure Essences Boosters. When it comes to these highly concentrated little guys, quality is most definitely above quantity. The miniature size of these 15ml bottles can be misleading, however, every drop that comes out is a hyper-concentrate of pure active ingredients transformed into a biological serum adjusted for optimal assimilation. Thus, adding just a few booster drops to your daily cream is enough to energise it with the funtion of whichever booster you choose.

Visoanska Anti strech marks boosters

The RESIST booster inhibits the factors involved in the degradation of the skin causing the stretch marks. It helps restore the fibber network of the extracellular matrix consisting of collagens I and IV and fibronectin. It helps the skin to RESIST the skin issues caused by the different hormonal changes, the passing of time, pregnancy and weight variations.

In vitro and in vivo. After 56 days stretch mark depression is significantly improved
(-72%) and the skin quality is restored. Its colour, relief and width was dermatologically assessed at -23%. Skin thickness +10%. 

Already after 2 months of use, stretch marks and skin becomes smoother. 

Dermatological evaluation shows a significant improvement for all three criteria:

The dark pink coulor is light pink (-22%).
The rough appearance of stretch marks surface is less pronounced with a significant decrease (-22%).
The stretch marks are less dilated with a very significant reduction (-26%). 

Visoanska Booster Line

There are currently 6 different types of boosters sold exclusively in our boutique. Each has a different function which addresses some of our most unwanted skin concerns. Stretch marks, pigmentation, dryness, fat, insufficient luminosity causing us to invest way more then we should on different highlighters...The list continious but I will avoid going into extensive detail about the other boosters until later posts.

In summary, DETOX reactivates the elimination and recycling of harmful toxins our skin is exposed to everyday. CALM soothes and nourishes your skin. WHITE offers a whitening and illuminating action. SLIM helps create a more refined and leaner silhouette. Finally, FIRM tightens your skin and restores its firmness. Finally, RESIST helps prevent and eliminate stretchmarks all over your body.

All these boosters are available in our Parisian boutique, located on 16 Rue de Turenne, 75004. 10:30 - 18:30 (monday to friday) 11:00-19:00 (saturday to sunday).

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