Visoanska Wins best European Luxury Skincare & Spa Brand Award

11.09.17 | Par Anna Kiroyants | dans News, English | 0 commentaire | Mots-clés : awards, Elisabeth Visoanska, Premium Skincare, Lux Magazine, 2017, French Cosmetics

Visoanska Lux award 2017

Despite the ups and downs, 2017 was a good year for many reasons. The opening of our beautiful up and running boutique, being and official beauty sponsor of the Oriental Fashion week which took place in Hôtel de Crillon, filming with Fashion Television. In addition to many more, these were some of inspiring moments 2017 brought for us.

Winning the 2017 Lux Magazine awards for Best Luxury Skincare & Spa Brand in Europe is definitely at the top of our highlights list and perhaps the most satisfying social acknowledgement we’ve received in a long time. I say this from the perspective of someone who’s been with the brand for a long time. This is not to say that we aren’t equally grateful for all the awards and nominations we have ever received throughout the years. However, Lux Magazine’s choice to select Visoanska as the winner of their contest reinforced our confidence in the quality and esthetics of our products. Consequently, enabling us to truly consider ourselves as of the best natural anti-age skincare brands distinguishable by our devotion to innovative biotechnology and natural active ingredients found in extreme nature. 

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