Visoanska beauty partner of Golf on Heels 2017

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Vioanska and gold on heels 2017

On the 13th of July, 2017, beautiful Ukrainian ladies proved that almost anything is possible. The 6th annual “Golf on Heels” event took place in the Kiev Golf center, where it originated 6 years ago.

 Golf on Heels Kiev Ukraine and Visoanska

Through the last 10 years, Visoanska has been a beauty sponsor and partner of many glamorous, extravagant and creative events, however, none like this one. Being proposed to become the official beauty sponsor  and contribute towards the beauty of women daring enough to swing golf clubsin front of live television while wearing stilettos was an offer too intriguing to decline.

 Visoanska Beauty Sponsor Golf on Heels

The idea of gathering well-established Ukrainian socialites with a passion for fashion and after hopefully golf as a desired consequence was suggested by a female marketer working at the center. The woman was as distant to playing golf as Visoanska products are to Botox injections. This did not however prevent her from putting on a pair of her highestheels and proving her boss that playing in heels was possible and quite entertaining to watch. The decision to organize the first “Golf on Heels”was taken the following day.

Some of the major sponsors throughout the last years have been Kodi, Turkish Airlines, Frey Wille, Spa Intercontinental, and many more. This year, we were lucky to be in that list. Our lovely friend and manager of NICHE, high-end cosmetic boutiques all over Ukraine represented us at the event. We hope that winners enjoy our products and lucky young woman who won a Visoanska sponsored all-inclusive luxury vacation in France enjoys her spa retreat!

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