Visoanska Beauty Room at Marignan Paris

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Facade Marignan Paris Suite Marignan et Visoanska
New Marignan's facial Treatment, by Visoanska

This "cocoon" treatment of extreme tenderness, brings a new glow to your skin.

The first moments of the ritual will put you in a state of harmony and total muscle relaxation to prepare you for a valuable face massage. Scalp massage and delicate relaxation of the abdomen, our techniques will eliminate toxic substances from your skin and restore its self-defense. While you enjoy the rejuvenating and detoxifying action of the mask, your hands and your arms will receive a relaxing massage that will take you into a deep relaxation.

The complexion is perfectly uniform, redness are reduced, the skin is soothed, smoother, more hydrated and with no sign of fatigue.

8am - 10pm :  50 min – €165 | 80 min – €215

10pm - 8am : 50 min – €220 | 80 min – €269

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Best Marignan Paris terrace with the Eiffel tower view Marignan & Visoanska suite
Marignan Paris Entrance Marignan Paris Lobby

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